See a need and act on it


The German Caritas Association is a registered charity. It is recognised by the German Bishops’ Conference as the institutional association and representation of the Catholic welfare association Caritas in Germany.

We take responsibility for our role in the development of needs-led social infrastructures, and we contribute to providing people with health and social care, education and employment services.

Allthough Caritas is a Catholic association our help and advice is offered to people of any religion.

Our claim is: See a need and act on it



Immigration counselling

Our Caritas immigration counselling is entitled to adults (27 and older) and their children, who already received a secure residence status and would like to obtain some advice. Moreover it is voluntarily and free of charge. What we offer:

• Individual consultation and active support during the integration process
• Counselling during the development of work and life perspectives
• Building a network of social spaces/ interlinking social spaces
• Support in terms of participation and equal opportunities

Among other topics we can advise clients on following aspects:

• German language courses as well as integration courses
• Childcare, schooling and vocational training
• Job search/ unemployment
• Recognition of foreign professional qualifications
• Residence/ citizenship
• Family reunification
• Social benefits/ family benefits
• Coping with officials/ departments and functionaries/ public authorities
• Living
• Leisure opportunities/ contact opportunities